Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trip Recap

Better late than never right? Yeah I suck, whatever.

So, first off, we are riding along the "back way" (ugh) when the driver announces that he would like to take a detour to show us this amazing property he spotted once on a trip through the area. I, of course, begin preparing for the impending seizure. I mean, what the hell is there to see, honestly? Well, we drove for a while and he pulls over so that we can spot this:

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Take a minute and absorb this.......
You can look at it more here

Seriously, this place is in the middle of nowhwere. I know that people say that Texas has a little bit of everything but castles? Holy crap!

We get back on the road and stop for dinner at this little mexican place and this is the point that I cursed myself for not being one of those women that carries a huge purse. Why? I'll tell ya. I am waiting to use the restroom and there is a shelf of supplies right there, out of sight of everyone. The supply I was coveting was TEQUILA. Right there for the taking. Okay, I would have probably been too chicken to take it, but I could have easily slipped a whole bottle into my bag, finished my meal, and left free and clear. They seriously need to move their Tequila shelf. Anyway, while we are eating, I am looking (bored to tears) out the window of the restaurant upon a lake and I see a sign, by this large tree. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture, but it was acknowledging that this particular tree has the esteemed honor of being, "The Second Largest Elm Tree in Blanco County". Second largest? All I can say is WOW! I have tried to find some information on this location so that you can all plan your next vacation around this amazing tourist attraction, but sadly, the internet does not seem to find this sight as amazing as the locals do. But, if you are ever in Blanco County, Texas grab a bite (and a bottle of Tequila) at Oso's and then take a walk back and absorb the awesomeness that is The. Second. Largest. Tree. in. Blanco. County.

At 11:30 that night, we arrived here:
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Now remember, that this is a 5 hour drive. We left at 1:30pm and it is now 11:30 at night. I was very happy to crash and the hotel was happy to provide me with an amazing place to crash.
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(photos were completely lifted from the hotels website)

The conference started at 10am the next day so I am thinking I am going to catch up on some rest. I thought wrong. When I got to my room, my boss calls and says, breakfast in the lobby at 8am. SHIT

I will spare you the details of the conference even though I was not spared. But I do have to highlight my incredible stupidity. The next night, a large group of us all goes out to eat at a restaurant on the Riverwalk. A beautiful place, but a high crime area as well. We have a nice dinner, a few drinks, and we leave the place to go back to our hotel. Well, I am a smoker (shut it!) and I decide that an after dinner smoke would be wonderful. I am also an incredibly considerate smoker so I let everyone else file ahead of me and decide to walk way behind everyone else to have my cigarette. This way I won't disturb everyone with my poisonous fumes. Thats right, my dumb ass decides it is a wonderful idea to walk far behind a group of people all by myself in a high crime area. I may as well have held large sums of cash in my hands (as well as hiked up my skirt for a potential rape). I really should not be let out unsupervised. Luckily for me, a kindly IRS agent with the group looked back and saw me and drew me back into the group. I'm sure that he just wanted to make sure that my goverment was the only one that robbed me.

So folks, that was San Antonio. Lame and boring, I know, but thats how I roll these days.

On a hopeful note, I am working on a post about the pro's and con's of the profession of being a Mistress. (Not for me, cause I am married, just a discussion we were having) It will be coming soon.

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