Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hitting the town

Yeah, thats right, I went out. There was a girls night at one of the local bars and there were NO BOYS ALLOWED! Woo Hoo! (Of course there were a couple of guys cause you know some people just can't follow the rules)

There were about tweleve or thirteen of us tossing back some beer and laughing about our boobs, former co-workers, and bad 80's movies. A discussion of the kind of guys we would sleep with versus the kind of guys that would sleep with us. Which we all agreed keeps us firmly monogamous. I have high standards people. Shut up, I do!

One friend is solidly in her mommy stage currently. She pulled up a chair by me and talked about how she was here, but she really just wanted to be home making some brownies and going to the park. Here I had been dying for a girls night out forEVER and she was wanting to cut hers short.

The greatest part of the evening was calling my husband from the bar asking if the house was okay for us all to come over and sing karaoke and play pool. I am usually the recipient of these drunken calls and it was no less than glorious to be the one making the call.

The only downside of the evening was that I had to cut the night short because my husbands car had a flat tire and there wasn't anything in the house for dinner. But it was nice to have ended it on a slightly buzzed note instead of dragging the night out too long and being hung over today.



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