Saturday, July 28, 2007

It was a magical friday...until

So, my friday at work was a good day. I got to work late, and we sat around and talked most of the day. Close to lunch time, we decided that we would all have lunch together so we had some of the most amazing mexican food known to man from a little local hole in the wall place here. It was the type of work day that just motivates you to go immediately after work and toss back a few drinks. I was primed and ready to hit the town!

Have I mentioned that I am cool friend impaired? NO? Well, I am. My work day was coming to an end and I had noone to go out with. Seriously, not a single soul. My husband shows up at the house ready to hand me some cash to waste on some crazy drinking fun and I just had to shrug and tell him I was staying home. He went thru the very short list of people that I could have called to go out with and I had to continue to say... nope, nope, and nope. (made it suck worse to have to tell someone else) He offered to go have a drink with me, but it had a pity feel to it and not a, "honey I would LOVE to spend some time with you" feel to it. Besides, every time we go out he wanders off with his beer to talk to his buddies. Seriously, the guy knows people EVERYWHERE. It is totally crazy.

But seriously, surely there are other women that want to toss back a few every now and then and make fun of people in the bar or just be completely goofy? I just have no idea how or where to find these people. At my old job, there was a large group of us that would get together regularly. We all just clicked and either went out or, once a month, had a big blow out at my house. We have all dispersed from that place and people's lives have changed and nobody wants to take the time to go out anymore.

You know, they have book clubs for women. I think they should have a drinking club for women. I could get all gussied up and say, "bye guys, it's club night" and my husband and the kids would wave adoringly as I backed out of the driveway only to be awakened in the wee hours so he could come pick my drunk ass up from the bar. Now THAT'S living!


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Kendra said...

aww... if i was there, i'd totally go


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