Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On being the boss

So, in my previous post I mentioned employees so now you know that I am the boss at my job. Understand that I have never had any aspirations of being in charge of anyone. I am a dedicated slacker and have no need for power or responsibility. The job snuck up on me. I was quietly doing my job, and by doing my job I mean doing the least that was required of me while building up an internet favorites list of humor sites, emailing friends, spending time on youtube, myspace, etc. Next thing I knew, the person over me decided it was time to let go of the responsibility of my program so that she could focus on new programs. At that time, there were three of us working at this program. One lady, who was there when I started was committed to part-time work and had no interest in increasing her hours; a young college student working part-time; and me. Generally I like what I do and didn't want to find another job so the "promotion" landed, unwelcome, in my lap. Shortly after the promotion, Sprint PCS released this commercial:

I present, me, on the job

Well, minus the testicles.



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