Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm in the number 1 spot!

First I must admit, I am a myspacer. I started because my oldest daughter encouraged me to do it and we leave eachother goofy and random messages on there. It is a fun way to stay in touch. Over time, two of my other children have created myspace pages and my husband joined on board. Nearly a year ago I deleted my profile and then a few days later I created a new one. My husband never put me on his top 8. There was a silly profile that I made up that was a fictional character and he had that in his number one. He claimed it counted, I claimed it didn't since noone else knew that it was me. Immediately after this character in the number two spot was his high school girlfriend. They have maintained a friendship over the years and we have had some discussions regarding this friendship. I have conceded but it has been a major sore spot for me that she is before the real me on his myspace page. (yes, I know that I have the emotional maturity of a young teenage girl... its part of my charm) I avoid his myspace page a lot because everytime I go there, there she is UGH! So last night, I was home from my night out, surfing the net on my crackberry and I went to his page. Guess who is in the number 1 spot? If you guessed me, you win. Guess who isn't number 2,3, or 4? The friend! We have, me, my youngest daughter, my oldest daughter, and my character page. Its only taken almost a year, but I finally got bumped up on the list. I went in and interrupted his video game and gave him a big hug.

I don't want to jinx anything y'all but, I think he is starting to like me a little bit. (Keep your fingers crossed)

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