Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Countdown has begun

People that know me, know that I become more obnoxious than usual this time of year.
blog reader: why?
me: I am so glad you cared enough to ask.

Yesterday began the official Birthday Countdown. The countdown begins exactly one month prior to my birthday. This year, I plan to be even more obnoxious about it because it is the big 3-0. All right damnit, it is the big 4-0!

I have always felt the need to announce my birthday. I remember waking up on my third birthday, going outside, and interrupting my dad mowing the lawn to inform him that it was my birthday and I was three. Sure I could quietly wait for everyone to acknowledge the day on their own and test the one's that love me. But I am practical and I have learned over time that people screw up and forget and I have enough pity parties on my own without adding forgotten birthdays to my list. Also, I have learned that I can not stop the aging process, so I embrace it with the eager optimism of that little three year old girl. I am not normally accustomed to being spoiled or pampered but birthday time is all about me. I hound everyone for gifts and acknowledment of my big day. Fortunately, I have cheap tastes and prefer my gifts be in the following form:

1. homemade- Nothing says, "you mean a LOT to me" more than something that you made for me. (cards, posters, crafts, whatever)
2. companionship- birthday lunches, dinners, or drinks (the scheduling begins the weekend before my birthday and goes through the weekend following my birthday)
3. cards and e-cards- I personally have an allergy to the post office, so I also accept internet cards since I am personally incapable of mailing anyone else cards.
4. phone calls or text messages with the birthday song on the big day
5. store bought gifts- These must be cheap, like stuff from the dollar store.

The only exception is if I am married to you in which case you better bring your A game when it comes to the birthday gifting cause everyone else is giving me crap! (just kidding about the crap comment)

With that said, there are some barriers to this years birthday extravaganza:
1. I will be out of town the weekend before my birthday (my friend Kendra is throwing me a big party in Lubbock! Everyone will be all dressed up, there will be cake and music and all of her friends and family. Oh yeah, and she is getting married... but whatever, I know it is all about my birthday)
2. I will be out of town during the birthday week for a conference in Amarillo. That's right, I will be waking up on my birthday morning in Amarillo, Texas! So the kids making me breakfast in bed will have to be rescheduled. The up-side of me being out of town will be that it would make it SO much easier for someone to plan a surprise party for me cause 40... is kinda a big deal. (just sayin)

side note: If you attended my last surprise party several years ago and are thinking... what a selfish witch, I can't believe she wants another surprise party. That one didn't count cause the hubby kind of blew that one and then since he blew it, I got stuck helping clean and get everything set up for it. I just pretended to be surprised so that you guys wouldn't be disappointed. So see, I totally deserve a do-over. Just please don't put him in charge again, he can't keep a secret for shit!

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At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is sooo not fair!! I have been askin for a surprise birthday party for years and you said that I'm not allowed to ask... hypocrite!!! oh well either way I love you and I miss you tons!!

At 11:45 PM, Blogger fear.of.landing said...

Well when you get 21 more birthdays behind you then you can start asking for surprise parties!

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Annie said...

I like how you spread out your celebration time to include 2 weekends!

We have 4 birthdays within the first 13 days of March. Mine, then daughter 2, daughter 3 and then my husband's.

Since mine is first and they all have pretty crappy memories-forgetting what I do for their birthdays... I give myself the gift of "Don't call me, I'm running away for the day to do something fun.. it's my birthday, and y'all didn't remember until last night so nothing's planned!" (said with love and just a slight "Kiss my ass" attitude.) then they all get spoiled silly by me on their birthdays.

This year was an exception, I told my husband I was going to Nashville to see Paolo Nutini in concert.. He went along and we had a great time.

Next year, I'll be 44.. not a great number unless there's a D after it, but I'm going to do something fun again like this year. For 2 weekends!


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