Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Bad Choices of My Youth

So, I am signed up over at Funny thing is I won't attend any of my reunions, but I am still signed up. Mostly because there are other people, older or younger than me, that I enjoy finding out how they are doing. So they have this guestbook feature. I have had a few people sign my guessbook and I get an alert. I log in and see who it is and then I enjoy a little reminiscing and laughing, read their profile and I am done with it or maybe I will shoot them a quick little email sharing a funny memory or something.

So first, I should tell you that I dated a LOT in high school. I was pretty immature and didn't exactly comprehend relationships also I had a short attention span as did most high school boys so between me and them, my average boyfriend/girlfriend thing lasted a week or two.

So, today I get a notice that some new people have signed my guestbook. I logged in and checked to see who it was. One was a lady that I had been good friends with, and she is already on my myspace friends list. The other was a guy. I looked at his name then scanned down the list of other people that had signed my guestbook in the past. I laughed outloud, right at my desk. Today I got my very first guestbook signature from a guy that I did NOT go out with! So, after I shared that with everyone in my office, (remember, I have no filter) I went back to the computer and read his profile to see what he had been up to since high school.

Now, before I say more about Mr. No Date With Me, let me give you an example of the profiles of Mr. Date With Me: unemployed/underemployed; substance abuse issues; gay; deceased; and the very best one is a gentleman that I dated for about 1 week total in high school. You should also know that I am now a social worker and deal with many community agencies. Well, this particular gentleman gets off his meds from time to time and has announced to sheriff's departments, local police, coworkers and bosses from my previous job, and an entire treatment team at the State Hospital, that we used to date. If he is way off his meds, it expands to us having been engaged and me breaking his heart. But he asks for me all the time. Oh yeah, and sometimes he thinks he is the Messiah. So I missed out on being married to Jesus.

So, as you can see, I dated well back in the day! So, back to Mr. No Date With Me. Well, NDWM went straight to college after high school at the local university. He then worked for a few years, moved a bit, and received his MBA at Duke University.

Let's break this down shall we:
A future of multiple state hospitalizations- let me at em!
A future successful hard working guy- I'll pass!


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous gloria said...

AHHH I remember state hospital guy!!! You know y'all two used to share your fond memories of each other when you went to assess him!

Oh, don't forget MR. LET'S Take A CRAP IN YOUR BATHROOM GUY!! when his bathroom was down the street!!



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